Note from JM: Our Post-Practice Report, traditionally released on Mondays has been moved to Tuesdays so that the players have additional time to travel and recover from practice prior to contacting us.


Contrary to the rumors flying around, the Orange County Bushwackers will in fact be competing at the PSP Chicago Open.

Sounds like some of the kids from a well known semi-pro team were caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Word is five players are being held for questioning regarding a shooting that happened Saturday night at a party. Yikes! Update: We removed references to protect the identities.

The WCPPL is said to be adding another field to support the growing number of teams joining the league. There is talk that they will be standardizing on one layout per event to allow teams to focus on playing paintball rather than memorizing several layouts. Great move WCPPL!

Speaking of leagues, the AXBL is busy preparing the fields for their 2nd event (being held this weekend). A sneak peak of the setup is available here.

joyAs a follow up to our story that Joy Division is considering playing World Cup, we received a credible bit that leads us to believe they may be the 14th team playing in the pro division. The idea is that they will help even out the brackets. Having both the Russians and the Swedes competing at the PSP World Cup will definitely lend international crediblity to the league as well as the sport of paintball.

valken-smallGino’s new company VALKEN is said to be getting back into the business of distribution, and big time. ¬†Gino was formerly the head of National Paintball Supply and through his career he lead a giant buyout of several of the lines he was distributing. Rumor has it Gino has patched up his relationship with Bob Long and will be carrying the entire line of markers. Other names on the distribution list included Eclipse, Redz, JT Sports, SLY and strangely enough, XYIENCE.