Get RED to the Chicago OPEN!

Red, the paintball super fan, has a posse. Fans were at a loss as to why RED, featured in the recent PSP webcast promo videos, was missing from the sidelines at the Mid Atlantic Open. Countless posts and threads on pbnation later, pro players Johnny Perchak and Alex Fraige have designed a campaign to insure RED makes it to the Chicago Open.


The man that raised the spectating bar to a higher level, Nick “Red”
Black, he’s cold as ice but twice as cool. Now YOU can take the
highway to the danger zone and support Red! Buy RED stickers and slap them on your gear, they will make you play better. The money will go towards a plane ticket to get him to psp MAO so everyone can enjoy his foam sword shenanigans! 

Produced by Johnny Prechak, Alex Fraige, and Adolpho Tito Lara. Email or Johnny_Dynasty on PBNation

12 thoughts on “Get RED to the Chicago OPEN!”

  1. While is sounds cool, it also sounds like a scheme put together by his friends (who happen to be professional players) to get Red a free plain ticket…

  2. if dynasty wants him so bad, they can pay for him. if he missed the last event for a “business” trip then he can use some of his own money to buy a ticket. if red wants to raise money he should put it into something more important them himself.

  3. Red didnt start this fundraiser, I did. He has a job and probably could affords a plane ticket. I though it would be fun to make stickers and try to raise a couple bucks to have him come to some events and support paintball. This isnt charity work, just having some fun. If you are a fan of Red’s, you get some cool stickers and at the same time helping the cause. If you dont like the guy then I wouldnt expect you to buy a sticker, simple as that.

  4. Johnny is right, chill out guys were not asking for $30, its just to have fun, the $2 dollars you send us will probably cover the envelope and stamp were going to use. Have some Red stickers :)

  5. The PSP should cover his plane ticket for each event in exchange for him doing multiple commercials leading up to the event. The first one was entertaining, we want more!

  6. Nice campaign guys. Jocking Shepard Fairey and more importantly the MW Randal movement. Nothing like a copy cat copy cat maneuver for an obnoxious drunk. In Phoenix that dude did anything and everything but promote paintball in a positive light. He got thrown off the property at the end of the day and caused a ridiculously negative scene through the entire finals. Everybody put your money up for a nut jocking campaign to fly the biggest swank off in paintball to all of the PSPs.

  7. I agree with what Originality says..this Red guy is nothing but a bad name for the sport. He is 100% annoying and I hope that PSP will understand that he is not funny…he gives paintballers a bad name! Drunk idiot…thats all we need in this sport is another person where the general public can says…”See these paintball players are all morons” I seriously hate this guy…and if I ever run across him I will for sure light his @$$ up on or off the field…the kid is a JOKE, and you pro players supporting him I hope your contracts get thrown out the window for promoting such a bad name for paintball.

    Go make stickers that support banning this douche from every event and I will personally guarantee you $5,000 to start the sales off right!

    Oh and Johnny if you have issues with it…maybe you can run off like you did in ’07 when Chino almost kicked your Azz HAHA..


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