Germany drops proposed paintball ban

800px-german_flag_wavysvgThe internet went wild a few days ago at the prospect of the German government considering a proposal to ban the sport of paintball and laser tag within the German border. The proposal was in response to the terrible school shooting that took place March 11th in Germany but was ultimately dropped when the government officials came to their senses. [See Update below]

The sport is banned for those younger than 18, and is generally not played in military fatigues like in other countries. A report commissioned by the government in 2000 concluded it did not make people more likely to engage in violence.

The Germans have decided to enhance existing gun control laws instead. Check out for further information.

Update: German readers in our comments have notified us that the bill will still go to a vote and the future of paintball in Germany will hang in the balance.

4 thoughts on “Germany drops proposed paintball ban”

  1. Finnaly sence Prevailed
    In this day and age its a rare occurance
    Congrats German ballers ,,,, it would have been terrible if it went through

  2. The german organisation fighting the proposed ban says it’s still not over, at least for another week. The wire on which that piece of news was made is almost 2 days old now.

  3. It is not over yet. There is still a 50/50 chance this will hit us. Please don’t think we have won yet. This is not the case! At the moment there is a fighting within the politicians ranks about the possibility to carry on with the ban and it is serious!

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