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The man, the myth, the legend, Marcus “The Carcass” aka “Dank The Tank” Nielsen (Former Arsenal/XSV player / Background story @ PGi) and his Dream Team are back! Marcus and the Dream Team spent the weekend at Action Star Games paintball park giving the beat down to Sacramento XSV. After this weekends blow out, Marcus and the guys are ready to make their debut showing at the US Paintball Leagues Huntington Beach season opener. To insure success, Marcus cherry picked some series killers. Check out the official Dream Team 2009 HB roster below..


Dream Team 2009 HB Roster:

Marcus Nielsen
Alex Goldman
Marcello Margot
Ethan Sillers
Heath Hoeper
Tristan Barner
Patrick Hughes
Tyler “Baby Jaws” Howard

The teams initial two games were lack luster but they corrected the mistakes, reworked the game plan and made quick work of Sacramento XSV. The few spectators that had a chance to watch the private practice reported that Aftermath star Alex Goldman and young gun Tyler “Baby Jaws” Howard took turns bringing the pain train to XSV all star Thomas “Troll” Taylor.

How do you think the Dream Team will stack up against teams like Dynasty Entourage, Hollywood HK & Vicious?


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