teams_xsvIn Division 2, Davis XSV will host a return of Ron Phipps and Micah McGlocklin to paintball. Ron Phipps has not played a paintball tournament since, forever? And it’s been over 2 years since Micah’s last event. Regardless of that, these guys have done it before, and surely they can do it again, in D2.

HKHKTravis Dusek previously commented on Bobby Aviles(Aftermath) teaming up with Phoenix United for USPL HB, sources have confirmed that this will not be taking place after all as Bobby will be playing alongside his close friends on Hollywood HK. HK has quite a stacked roster for this event including the talents of:

  • Mark Kressin
  • Scott Kressin
  • Kenny Rosenberg
  • Josh “Whisper” Minkowski
  • Alex “AROD” Savino
  • Bear Digidio
  • Bobby Aviles
  • Scott Kemp (Maybe)

Supposedly Dave Youngblood is not to thrilled on the idea that one of his players will be playing along side HK, and will not return calls on the subject. We’ll have to see if next weekend works out for HK. If not it will be a tremendous loss for the squad, as stacked as they are.

UPDATE: Gio Digidio and Billy Wing have confirmed that Scott Kemp will be playing with Hollywood HK in the USPL Huntington Beach event. Scott will be wearing head to toe Ironmen gear in order to avoid a breach of contract. Scott being a strong addition to the roster should help their chances toward a podium finish following their  win at NPPL San Diego.

HK saw the departure of Damian Ryan for 2009 due to monetary reasons. Damian’s requests could not be met as money is tight this season and the team as a whole could not afford it.


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