propb_marq_victoryWithout further ado: The much anticipated Bob Long Marq Victory images have arrived! As expected, this gun will be shot by Russian Legion and Oakland Blast for the 2009 season and includes many ground breaking features from the Bob Long Action Sport Technology center.

2009 Marq Victory:

Will utilize the Vice/Protege Eye system due to minimal sizing(its the only feature that is not brand new)

The solenoid will utilize smaller o-rings

1/3″ of length has been removed from the body of the gun

Vertical height has seen a minor increase of 1/2 ball in height – now there is 1 full ball in the breach and 2 into the feed port and loader

Quick pull bolt removal

Completelty redesigned LPR – with no over pressurizing

High efficiency

Bolt window cuts

Light weight

Tadao led board

Closer trigger frame

Gas through grip frame – no macro line required!


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