Ultimate Woodsball League Field Map

Tom Cole (Bad Company) is taking paintball back to its roots. The new Ultimate Woodsball league promises to bring 10-man woodsball back with a twist! This new 10-man format is a mash-up, featuring 3-10 minute periods, dead player reinsertitions, and points for holding flag-based objectives. A typical UWL field will feature 4 flags, one for each team and two of neutral color at the 50-yard line. Divisions and classes are broken down based upon marker type and category. Teams are composed of several classes of players ranging from Captain, Heavy Weapons, Scouts, Snipers, Rangers and Infantry. Below we feature a breakdown of the classes and marker types.

Player Classes:

Captain: Communicates with officials, can request Special Weapons* and is limited to semi-auto & 9-volts.

Scouts: Semi auto & 9volt, can leave the base 10 seconds prior to start of the match.

Sniper Class: As a spin on the active roster count, the sniper can compete as your “11-th man” and does not impact your 10-man squad.

Infantry: Can use semi-auto markers & 9volts (breakout your revies!)

Heavy Weapons: Full auto and the fastest hopper you can find. SUPPRESSING FIRE!

*Special Weapons include instant re-insertion & artillery barrage

Check the schedule and start building your teams, this series is going to be a ton of fun! Anyone want to place bets that premier teams such as Dynasty and Bushwackers make an appearance?

2009 UWL Schedule of Events
April 25 – 26 California SC Village
May 16 – 17 Illinois Badlandz
June 5 – 6 Oklahoma D-Day
July 18 – 19 South Carolina Adventure Beach
August 1 – 2 California SC Village
August 29 – 30 Pennsylvania Three Rivers
September 12 – 13 Texas Cousins Paintball
October 3 – 4 Florida XPX

Further rules can be found @ PlayUWL.com