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ProPaintball was fortunate enough to get our hands on one of the new SLY Dual-Carbon Diesel series barrels. After playing with it for a few hours last weekend, we can truly say we are thoroughly impressed with the quality and aesthetics of the new barrel.  From what we understand, the brilliant minds behind SLY  have only produced a limited edition run of these precision “Profit” series barrels. 

According to the official documents, the new Profit barrel was recently showcased at the 2009 Paintball Extravaganza last week. “With an ultra-gloss finish this patented Dual-Carbon barrel features a cutting edge hydro graphic design on top the SLY’s patented carbon fiber taper system. Featured in .689 and .692, the new Diesel™ system offers you one of the lightest barrels while maintaining SLY’s uncompromising accuracy.” This limited edition barrel will be sold online at the SLY web store as well as North American and European SLY dealer stores.

PSP Phoenix will show that several of the top ranked players have already got their hands on these barrels in order to maximizing their equipments ability throughout the event. 

Read more about the new dual carbon barrel on Sly’s new website