blamb-walkerWe’ve all heard stories about how Shawn Walker has done this or that, but no one really wants to put their name to anything for either fear of gossiping or of retribution. However, our PBR Investigative team recently uncovered some JUICY information that may lead to a clearer picture of what lead to Shawn Walkers firing and ultimately the bankruptcy of the NPPL/Pacific Paintball LLC.

“From the Pacific Paintball Bankruptcy filing, Page 43 (Losses):


Debtor believes the former president wrongfully, among other things, took monies from debtor via inappropriate and unauthorized checks, overcharging the company for health and auto reimbursement above and beyond his employment agreement, charging the company for airfare for personal matters, and using company funds to pay for a compressor for the paintball park of a friend of the President for no value to Pacific Paintball LLC or its affiliates.  In addition, debtor believes that the former president, or people working with the former president, recently hacked into the company’s websites, redirected the company’s Camp Pendleton paintball park website to a web site this new group has set up and copied the company’s proprietary web site and logo at their site called  No insurance claim was filed.”

Feel free to read the filing yourself, page 38-43 of the Pacific Paintball LLC. Bankruptcy Filing.


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