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Pacific Paintball LLC. actually filed SIX bankruptcy filings with the Central District Court California Division. On page 12 of the filing you will note that Pacific Paintball LLC. claim against Walker includes an additional sum of “Not less than $37,157.00” bringing the total to $87,318.

Claim against Shawn Walker, former President, for misappropriation of funds and theft of proprietary information.

and the details are on page 31 (important snapshot linked, full filing below)

Debtor believes the former president wrongfully, among other things, took monies from the debtor via unauthorized checks, misappropriating company cash at company paintball events, an unauthorized and improper payment to a vendor on the president’s behalf, and an unauthorized and improper payment to the president’s church. No insurance claim was filed. Date of loss: 1/2007-10/2008, Description and value of property: Approx $37,157.00 CASH

You can read the full XPSL filing bankruptcy filing here.


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