As if the NPPL’s departure wasn’t a big enough hit to professional paintball world, this morning we heard that the PSP, in conjunction with limiting Pro Paintball to 12 teams, has capped the team rosters to 8 rostered players per event.

Below we have provided an example of what the Los Angeles Ironmen (2008 World Cup Champions) roster would look like if these changes go into effect:


Now we ask you, the players; how do you feel about these proposed changes? The PSP has effectively limited the number of professional athletes to 96 players! Does it make sense to close the door on the established rank of talented athletes and teams? Should the PSP open up the bracket to more teams, such as 18 (as per the NPPL) or 20+?

Most importantly, what happens to the growing number of pro players and teams that will be put out to pasture over night? Where will you go, and what will you do?

SPEAK UP PLAYERS! The decision makers are following your comments, make yourself heard!


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