Chris LasoyaThere was a rumor posted in the chatbox regarding Chris Lasoya recently. We had a chance to catch up with him and see what all the fuss was about. Chris mentioned that yes, hes no longer working with Pacific Paintball, and no, the rumor that he was in Hollywood this past week was nothing more than that, a rumor.

Alex Goldman

The chatbox recently had a question regarding Alex “Mouse” Goldman and what hes up to for 2009. Mouse commented that he might be returning in 2009 with Aftermath. There were several rumors after San Diego, most notably that he was shopping himself out to a team that competed in both NPPL and the NXL. However, with the recent exit of Pacific Paintball LLC./Super Seven from the mix, and only one PRO league, one can only assume that should he choose to make a power move, his options will have opened up considerably. A few teams come to mind, X-Factor, Red Legion, and San Diego Dynasty.

justin_schwarzSpeaking of the dynacats, Justin “LJ” Scwhartz is rumored to be in talks with several teams for 2009. For those of you who missed the final games against the Bushwackers for first and second place in San Diego, LJ single handedly destroyed Ron Kilbournes minions from the dorrito side of the field. He may have an ugly double-knee slide but he sure is a killer. LJ is rumored to be in talks with the Ironmen and we’ve heard that money is involved.

corey_bornsteinThe OC Bushwackers had a bit of drama towards the end of the season between Ryan Podesta and Jason Bornstein. Rumor has it that both the Bornstein brothers are shopping around for 09 and we’ve heard several mentions that they will be starting the season off with Bob Long’s Oakland Blast franchise. However, with Bob Long‘s interesting history (as a vendor and a team owner), it remains to be seen if Bob will rejoin the PSP and take part in the new Pro division being pieced together from the ashes of the NXL.

More on the future of Pro Paintball and the PSP to come..


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