Throughout the course of the week/end we have heard tons of talk regarding 2009 and where teams are going to end up playing. While Pacific Paintball is working on selling itself off to the highest bidder (Bruce is said to be asking for $1,000,000.00 USD for the NPPL brand, fields, nets, etc.), many leagues are popping up to provide teams a chance to prove themselves.

aftermath-logoOver the course of the last several months we’ve heard several mentions of a new regional 7-man league being formed up by two Pro franchises. While an official announcement is said to be coming this week, we’ve heard this new series will be focused in and around California with Rookie, Intermediate, and Novice classes. Entry will be consistent with that of the XPSL, but this time around novice teams will be competing for a guaranteed $6,000.00 prize purse. Teams will be competing for what we will refer to as NPPL-level prize money at XPSL-prices. A major bonus of this new league; the well respected Sacramento XSV and San Diego Aftermath pro teams will be judging & refereeing the series. This is an important facet of the league as many teams competing regionally and nationally have blamed bad ref calls as a reason for ending participation. Having high quality, skilled judges with knowledge of the game and the rules will definitely prove to be a competitive advantage in the days to come. We wish Mike & Rich a successful 2009 and look forward to more information regarding the league.

Just a few minutes ago we received word that the GPL/GPXL is expanding from the Northeast region to Nationwide in order to fill the void of the NPPL. The GPL seems to be trying to form regional leagues with local fields that teams can compete through the season and then offer a grand finale “GPL Cup” for the teams that qualified. Good luck to Brian and Cyndi and the rest of the folks at the GPL.

pspThe PSP spent last week and part of the weekend trying to formulate a plan for 2009. Its hard to keep up, but we keep hearing talk of the PSP ditching the X-Ball brand (name, not format) and renaming the format to control brand rights to the series. We’ve also heard talk of removing the X, increasing the field from 5 players to 6 (or if your from the NPPL land, from 7 to 6), and ditching the NXL to create a new Pro and Semi pro division. With regards to the Pro & Semi Pro divisions, the PSP has tossed around the idea that they would allow “first come, first serve” with a capped team list at 15. Entry fees for the new pro series are said to be no lower than $2,000 and not to exceed $5,000.


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