Recently we had the opportunity to chat with Rodney Squires of Dynasty & Entourage fame. Hot topics included NPPL Houston, read below;

As far as the Houston event the weather issue stinks, but you can’t do anything about it.  We wish the NPPL would make up their mind about what they are going to do for the SD event.  By delaying any announcement they are making the possibility of any change for the event unlikely.  At first there was talk of two events for the pro and semi/pro; this was due to the relegation issue.  Dynasty and Entourage feel that this would have been the best situation for all.  Other options on the table were also doubling the points for the SD event.  The NPPL should have also had a steering committee meeting regarding this to determine what the divs and the sponsors wanted.  However to this date there has still been nothing said.


Rodney raises some valid points. What are your thoughts on the relegation issue? Should the NPPL run 2 events in San Diego? Or like Shawn Walker mentioned recently, should they do away with relegation in an effort to resolve the situation?


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