Ed has cut the Avalanche semi pro team loose. Avalanche Army fed into the Avalanche NXL squad which was recently discontinued and the semi pro team (ranked 6th over all) won’t be needed any longer. We’ve been hearing that Ed’s son might be joining the Pro team in San Diego.

Philly’s departure has been the talk of the Pro community. Pro teams and fans have been trying to figure out who will fill the gap and make a power move out of relegation. The latest is the spot will be taken over by, get this, Voltage. With the Avalanche Army cut loose it only makes sense that the Lanche/Voltage players will attempt a come back. The word was two Voltage players in Houston, two more in San Diego and if they pull the spot out of relegation, Voltage in 2009.

Rockstar D1 is on the move. After a very slow start (ranked 23rd over all) the team picked up 3 players to augment the sleepy roster. Joining the team will be Fez & Edwin from the Bushwackers and KM from Faction.

SF DESIGN: Ryan Beesley (ex-LTZ) was rumored to be coming back for Houston. He would have been joined by Devon Odell from X-Factor. San Diego is a ways off, wonder if either of them are planning to stick around.

Splat Kids try out Josh (who they cut earlier last season) and Jon Millman (CSULB & XSV) to try and fill the spots that were opened by both Pats leaving for Aftermath. The team appeared to be struggling this weekend and one can only hope that this extra time to practice pays off.

Compton Ray was spotted back at Raza after a lengthy tour of duty in Fallujah, Iraq. In his short time back he has been approached by two D1 teams and a top semi pro. We are willing to bet he’s back with his boys and preparing to take the season championship with Aftermath.

Stoned Assassins on the rebound

Stoned Assassins on the rebound

Stoned Assassins is back in the grind. After the decision to sit Buffalo, the team picked up Jacob Potkin (ex. Performance), Allen the Russian (Faction) and have been rejoined by SA teammate Jingle.

Oh yeah, today is Tuesday. 🙂


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