Infamous and Dynasty Entourage are both holding private tryouts this weekend. Former members of Ironmen, LTZ and XSV are said to be mixing it up.

Aftershock has been trying to pick up Drew Templeton from the ashes of Avalanche Xball team. Word has it he can’t commit to the rest of the season (practices?) and won’t be joining the team.

Members of Avalanche have been approaching divisional teams this week, most notably Vicious, who has been battling RNT Allstars throughout the season. Vicious has not rostered any pro players so far this season and picking up a few Avalanche heads may push the team to victory at NEO.

DC Arsenal has decided to mix it up in NEO. Roster update: Tom, JC, Brown, Mikey, Ice, Steven, Pat, Wayne, Sean, Zach, Gainey. Source: Chatbox


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