1st – San Diego Dynasty
2nd – Philly Americans
3rd – Legion
4th – Ironmen

Division 1 XBall
1st – RNT Allstarz
2nd – Damage
3rd – TX Justice League
4th – Vicious

Division 2 XBall
1st – Cross-Eyed Paintball
2nd – TPA Revolution
3rd – Shockwave Canada
4th – Raiden

Division 3 XBall
1st – Velocity Wrecking Crew
2nd – Team Unlimited
4th – Raiden Black

Division 3 5-man XBall
1st – Boom
2nd – JFK
3rd – No Limit
4th – TPA Riot

Division 4 5-man XBall
1st – RNT Kids
2nd- 100 Proof Paintball
3rd – Total Karnage Kids
4th – Poison Products Factory

Congratulations to Dynasty for taking their 2nd NXL win this season. Seeing the team succeed without Brian Cole is great!

As many of you are aware, lots of controversey lead into the event. What are your thoughts on Dynasty and Philly Americans winning 1st and 2nd at North East Open?


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