Detailing the Allstar game, scores etc.

Detailing the Allstar game, scores etc.

NAX Paintball League (CXBL and AXBL) standings can now been found in every issue of FaceFull going forward!

CXBL All Star Game ended in a 10-10 tie, even after 5 rounds of one-on-one shootouts! Scores for the rest of the event below..

Scores for the event (CXBL only)
Windsor Lockdown 11 – Guelph Express 9
Ottawa Kings of Rock ‘n’ Roll 9 – Barrie Chop Shop
Toronto Rage 9 – Wasaga Beach Boyz 8
Barrie Chop Shop 8 – Cambridge Raiders 8
Roxoboro Legacy 10 – Mont Royal NRG 10
Mirabel Impact 7 – Laval Skorpians 9
St Jovite Chiefs 4 – Chomedey North Beast 15
Laval Skorpians 15 – LaSalle Shields 3

Mike Paxton, Brittany Wagoner (from Destiny) played on Laval Skorpian, helping them defeat the first place team Mirabel Impact.

Bea Youngs was also at the event.


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