Over the last two weeks rumors have been flying that several Pro franchises are having a rough time (financially) this season. Last week the chatbox was running wild with rumors that two or three well known franchises (Naughty Dogs, Shock, etc.) were considering sitting out the upcoming North East Open. After some research we found that the teams in question are planning on playing out the remainder of the season but that big changes are in store for 09. (Ed note: We’ve heard that one before!)

Last week an interesting post turned up on a new paintball page. The blog “View from the dead box”, run by another anonymous industry insider sheds some light on the whispers that are flying around in the Pro Bracket.

At any rate the gist of the proposal is a blended format of 7-man, playing multiple head-to-head games to create a match, etc. which is not new as something very similar was being bandied about during one of the earlier league merger talks.

Excerpt from Viewfromthedeadbox 7/24/08

Other 2009 league rumblings include a modified schedule totaling three 7-man events and 3 Xball Light events, both featuring semi-auto. Moving both leagues from 5 events to 3 events would generate a potential 40% cost savings for teams that choose to compete in both formats. Another benefit from decreasing the number of events per league is that teams who traditionally only play in one format may consider competing in both. The interest from teams is there, the finances are not.

In addition, while the semi-auto rate of fire is easier on the pocket books, we need a true rate of fire cap. Our friends in the “cheater board” market have informed us the only “REAL” solution to the ramping gun situation is to put everyone on a level playing field. Long time X-ball fans have noted that its increasingly hard to get away with cheater boards, especially when everyone’s markers are shooting at the same ROF. A trained ear can distinguish the difference and its easily calculated by radar. No need to wait for those pesky “NPPL Robot” calls aka Dave Zinckahm and decisions based upon his personal grudges. Maybe a semi-auto cap would be the best solution.

Discuss; What are your thoughts on the blended 7man format? Would decreasing the number of events interest your team in playing both series?